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Consumer Reports: Used Car Buying Guide Best & Worst Used Cars

Buying a used car is a greater risk than buying a new one, but can also be the best automotive deal around. The 2008 edition of Used Car Buying Guide will help anyone in the market get the best price – and minimize risk – when buying, selling, or trading in a used vehicle.  As it is best to be armed with as much information as possible before stepping onto a used car lot, this book will provide everything needed including:
Unbiased reviews of every major model from 2000 – 2007Exclusive Reliability Ratings based on over 1 million vehiclesLists of the best and worst used vehicles and how to avoid a lemon  A checklist of what to look for when inspecting a used carBest used cars for gas mileageTips on negotiating the best priceRecalls and crash test informationMaking sense of safety informationHow to get the most money when trading in your current carPLUS profiles of more than 260 cars, trucks, and SUVs, presenting all major 2000-2007 models 
Each profile contains a photo from the representative year, a write-up of the vehicle, reliability history, crash-test data, and the model years when key safety gear was added and when a major redesign was made.

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  1. A.Trendl "What should ... says:

    Clearly Communicates Used Car Information Buying a used car? Read the “Consumer Reports Used Car Buying Guide” first.Rather than depend on the advice of semi-knowledgeable friends, a mechanic biased toward a car maker and not a specific vehicle, or by looking to see what your neighbor drives, you can depend on this.I bought my last two cars using earlier guides.In it, I found lists of “Good Bets,” which are cars the authors consider to perform well over the years. That is guiding my purchase. I won’t…

  2. M. Bair says:

    Don’t buy a used car without it. 0


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